Comon, baby, light my fire. Send us your projects of lamps and lighting equipment.

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Any dream will do — design concepts.

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You can find frames in almost any interior: like paintings and posters, family photos or diplomas. Despite the wide variety of baguettes and frames, we want to offer you to create unusual or, on the contrary, universal product. It can be one frame or a series. It is desired that your products could be made of metal.

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Park & garden

This category is for landscaping  projects. As a rule, these are small architectural forms and recreational facilities for green areas in private houses or public spaces, for example: seats and benches, street lights and other objects useful in a garden or park.

The main criteria here will be the durability and quality of integration into the natural environment.

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Textile & carpets

Today, textile products are produced by both fashion and home brands. However, we would like to invite you to create your own original ideas for textile production in this category – from carpets to pillows and other textiles appropriate for home use. It can be both a pattern or a detailed 3-dimension study of the entire product.

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Pet products

Those of us who have pets know that items that are intended for animals often look unpretentious and unlikeable. We would like to change this with the help of designers. So send us your designs that will make pets happy with the functionality, and their owners with an ideal look appropriate for the interior.

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Prizes and awards

Each of the subcategories assumes three prizes with a prize in the form of a competition award and an honorary diploma. Publication of the project in a book dedicated to the prize winners.


This product was created for a university project where students got the chance to work with porcelain. The objective was…

Ommua floor lamp

Ommua is a mystical floor lamp with a very organic to animal design. The main idea was to breathe an…

Cyber Shovel

Cyber ​​Shovel is a multi-purpose camping shovel with an explorer archetype. Cyber ​​Shovel is specifically inspired and designed for the…

Domik Ptashki

Due to the monotonous lifestyle and lack of sustainable interaction with Nature, a person lives in constant decline and internal…

The Artificial Breathing Palm modular structure system, Oasys + System

We have designed an Oasis that protects Abu Dhabi’s residents and makes their lives more environmentally sustainable and healthy for…

The Shard Bathtub

The Shard Bathtub Is the reflection of freedom of expression; bold, smart, beautiful. It fits in any bathroom as the…

Whale Faucet

This concept is suitable for hotels located near San Diego (USA) as well as other cities in Southern California that…


The purpose of Lyra is to create indirect light in grand spaces. Our collection consists of three kinds of pieces,…