Cyber Shovel

Cyber ​​Shovel is a multi-purpose camping shovel with an explorer archetype. Cyber ​​Shovel is specifically inspired and designed for the Tesla cyber truck.

The subject of this project is how to influence and advance the format of the car body structure in the process of designing products and camping and Aphrodite equipment for it. Clearly, the polygonality of the unique feature of cyber trucks is what these two products have in common.

This polygonal structure in the manufacturing process also provides many advantages to optimize the time and cost of production and manufacturing method of this product, and this shell structure allows the creation of more functions in the structure of this multifunctional shovel.

Cyber Shovel, a product belonging to the future of Bill is the clearest performance, the rest of its function forms the need for the user’s need in interaction with his creativity, this infinite product is in one thing, such as numerous concepts and simple concepts in a simple word.

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Description provided by the authors of the project.


farzad nghibzadeh and mohammadreza azizi and negar ramezani