Feeel Design World Prize Regulations


The following clauses represent the terms and conditions governing the application and participation of applicants (hereinafter Participants) in Feeel Design World Prize (which is run on behalf of and administered by Feeel Design Inc.).

All the activities and information related to Feeel Design World Prize (hereafter The Competition) will be uploaded and visible on feeelprize.com which is the only source of information about The Competition.

The main goal of our award is the promotion of aesthetics of interior objects and modern methods of working with natural materials. We hope Feeel Design World Prize will become a true celebration of design, craft and beauty.

We welcome a variety of ideas and cultures, but kindly ask you to avoid any political opinions and intolerant comments. Projects with intolerant connotations will be excluded from the award participation.


The competition is open to individuals, private designers, creative associations and companies that have exclusive copyright for the product / item / image that they would like to submit to participate in The Competition. In addition, the specified product / item must belong to one of the category listed:

In Interior Design category you can submit projects implemented in 2018 or later. Publication in the media and participation in other competitions is not an obstacle to submitting in this case. The Competition reserves the right to change / reorganize the listed categories at any time. If there were previously submitted works in this category, they will be redirected to the nearest category and evaluated in the same way as other projects.


An experienced jury of architects, designers, production specialists, experts, leading figures in architecture and design media will rate each Participant in the following aspects:

  • Unlocking the potential of natural materials
  • Aesthetics of the product
  • Potential production technologies (in selected categories)
  • Originality of the product
  • Potential longevity

The list above does not imply any ranking order for the jury’s assessment. This list can be expanded without notifying the participants. The jury’s decision is final and non-negotiable.

The number of jury members is not limited, the jury members are acting representatives of the design, architecture and interiors market. The final panel of judges will be announced prior to the start of the voting procedure.

Members of the jury, if they have any relation to the project (for example, are co-authors or participants in the creation of the convention of this project) cannot be involved in judging the project.

Moderation procedure:

After receiving the online entry form from the Participant staff moderator checks the project. If the project meets minimum requirements, it goes to those selected for participation in The Competition in its category on a general basis.

Voting procedure:

The projects are numbered so the jury has no information about the Participants.

To evaluate all the works, the jury is divided into groups of four. Each group assigns points to the work by rating each individual work with a five-point scale. The final grade is the arithmetic mean of all grades that the work received.

After collecting all the votes a long list is formed and all products in it will have access to the next phase of The Competition. The number of longlisted projects in each category will be determined by a jury meeting.

After the announcement of the long-list, the jury will re-vote for each project in its entirety, evaluating it separately. After collecting all the votes a shortlist is formed and all products in it will have access to the final phase of The Competition. The number of shortlisted projects in each category will be determined by a jury meeting and it is not more than 10 projects.

Winners are selected from the shortlisted products.

At the final stage, the jury will apply an adversarial scoring system, distributing the first three places, as well as marking the work that may receive Grand Prix and / or is declared for production of a prototype.

When the jury transfers the generalized decision to the staff moderators its work considered completed.

Prizes of the Industry are not competitive and are appointed by the jury following a general discussion of the categories.


A jury will select the winning products in each category and those to be awarded as the “Feeel Design World Prize 2023/24 Winner”.

In each category, in addition to the honorary categories, the following awards are determined:

  • The honorable third place – an award and a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.
  • An honorable second place – an award and a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.
  • First place – an award, a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.

There is also a Grand Prix competition award for the best project.

All winners of all categories, except for honorary categories and interior categories, will be considered by Feeel Design and special partners of the award as a potential designer of serial products with the possibility of making a contact.

The main prizes and trophies of The Competition are full-size items created according to the sketches of the Participants, proposed for the jury. It is planned to manufacture up to three products. In addition to prototypes, the organizer of the competition, Feeel Design Inc., which specializes in custom-made products, will offer a contract for the production to a number of Participants. The number of such contracts is not limited.

The contract does not imply the obligatory development and / or production of a product. The production of a prototype item does not necessarily imply the launch of the item into production or any kind of agreement.

If it is impossible to receive the award in person, the winners may apply for its delivery. All costs are paid by the addressee. The estimated cost depends on the delivery geography.

Any additional rewards and incentives may vary depending on the partners of The Competition, the budget and the work plan of The Competition.


  • November 2023: Feeel Design World Prize 2023-2024 opens for entry
  • 10 February 2024: early entry deadline
  • 15 May 2024: standard entry deadline
  • 15 July 2024: late entry deadline
  • ~ 10 August 2024 ~ 20 August 2024: longlists announced online
  • ~ 01 September 2024 ~ 10 September 2024: shortlists announced online
  • ~ 20 September 2024: public vote winners announced online
  • ~ 10 October 2024 ~ 20 October 2024: winners revealed

Entries must be submitted by 23:59 Toronto, Canada time on the night of each deadline day.

If necessary, The Competition reserves the right to hasten or delay the dates listed above.

Longlisted, Shortlisted Participants will be informed by e-mail. At the end of the judging procedure, they will also receive a kit with graphics and The Competition logo so that they can share the news.


Entry fees have been set as low as possible to encourage entries from every type of design practice around the world. There are reduced rates for individuals, young specialists and students. All entrants can save assets by submitting their entries before the early entry deadline.

  • Early entry until 10 February 2024: 70 USD per project
  • Standard entry until 01 May 2024: 100 USD per project
  • Late entry until 05 July 2024: 130 USD per project

50% off discount for students.

Student’s discount can’t be applied for the AI Generated Design category.

For more information, visit the contact page and contact us.


Products that breach intellectual property rights (trademarks, logos or brand labels, utility models, patents or similar) are barred from participating. All Participants will be responsible for informing The Competition whether legal proceedings (involving competition law, patents, trademarks, disputes about copyright or other rights) are pending with regard to submitted items. The Participant shall be solely liable for damages, and particularly claims by third parties, resulting from an infringement of these conditions.

The copyright of contributions submitted to The Competition (photographs, videos and texts) remains with the respective participant at all times. The Participant grants the right of use and the right of publication to The Competition. The Participant is not entitled to claim a compensation fee for usage. By registering and sending the work for moderation, The Participant agrees to use the materials in the competition. The Participant confirms the fact of being the author / co-author of the work, and in the case of several Participants of the project, being the main Participant authorized from all others to submit this project to The Competition.

If, after submitting a project for The Competition, the Participant has granted the rights to the project to third parties, it should notify The Competition and withdraw its work from the competition.


By filling out the registration form, The Participant agrees to the rules of The Competition set out with all the conditions contained in these Terms and Conditions. Responsibility for the content of the submitted materials lies entirely with The Participant. The applications, projects, its images and any other materials submitted by The Participant cannot violate the local law of the state / states, the citizen of which the participant and / or group of authors, the firm, the group of authors are. All of the above materials must also not violate Canadian law. All contracts, agreements and documents are assumed to be drawn up on the basis of Canadian law. In the event of a discrepancy in language versions, the English version is the primary one.

We do not request or process the personal data of The Participants, considering that The Participants can use nicknames and pseudonyms, both for personal use and for authors’ collectives, as it is a common practice to the creative environment. However, if we need personal data of The Participants, for example, to send an award or make a contract, it will be requested by letter from the official domain of the competition and provided with the explicit consent of the Participant. In this case, the subject of storage and processing of personal data will be Feeel Design Inc.

The latest version of the document is 21/11/2023.