Interior design

Realized interiors with custom-made design and art pieces.

If you are a designer or an architect and your interior has specially designed items, furniture, built-in and architectural products or wide use of natural materials, then this category is for you.

We accept photos of completed projects. It can be the interiors of apartments, houses, as well as public places – cafes, offices, restaurants, hotels, lobbies.The style of the project does not matter, and preference will be given to the projects with wide use of natural materials and author’s and custom (non-serial) furniture.

Objects are defined by participants in one of the subcategories:

Contemporary interiors

Contemporary interiors of private houses, flats and apartments

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Classic interiors

Classic style interiors of private houses, flats and apartments

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Interiors of restaurants, cafes, hotels and public spaces

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Interiors of offices and workspaces

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Please indicate which parts of the project are custom made (in case if acceptable).

You can submit projects completed in 2018–2022.

House by the River

This house, of course, is amazing itself — powerful geometry, unusual angles — you will not confuse it with any…

Museum repository of «Alliance 1892» cognac factory

The practical task was to design a storage for barrels with cognac spirits for the «Alliance 1892» company and an…