Project is shortlisted 2022/23

Forest Cottage

Our clients – a young family came to us after visiting the house we had rebuilt next door. They really liked it and wanted the interior for themselves in a similar style.

The two-storey house is located in a picturesque village near Moscow and it is extremely functional. On the ground floor there is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and two summer terraces. On the second floor there are bedrooms and bathrooms. Special attention is paid to a comfortable and spacious utility block.

The main design style is classic, mostly English: a custom-made cast-iron staircase leads to the second floor. Transitions from one room to another are decorated with Palladian portals, carved moldings are used on the walls, there is a lot of wood and textiles with vivid prints everywhere. Still the interior is quite modern: for example, in the center of the living room there is a round freestanding fireplace – not classic at all. The furniture is a mix of conservative items like classic comfy armchairs and sofas, with different styles from Art Deco dressers to oriental occasional tables. This mixture is very typical for English interiors. All this, together with vivid figurative painting of contemporary artists, makes a very lively and living impression.

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