Prizes & Trophy

Our competition and the prize is designed to develop new architectural products and, with the help of new artists and designers, create objects and collections that can become a decoration of the interior, garden, a part material environment for many years.

The main prizes and trophies of our competition are full-size products created according to your sketches, which you have designed and proposed to our jury. In addition, Feeel Design — a company specializing in custom-made products, will offer a contract for the production of your items.

We are planning to publish books with the winning projects of the competition.

In addition all laureates of the competition will receive a commemorative prize and a diploma.

In each category, there are three prizes, as well as People’s Choice Award. The exception is the completed interior projects: this category provides twelve prizes, three in each section:

  • house interiors;
  • interiors of flats and apartments;
  • interiors of restaurants, cafes, hotels and public spaces;
  • interiors of offices and workspaces.

It is possible to produce a prototype and make a contract for the production of series and distribution of copyright products in the categories for architectural products, object and furniture design.

Find details in the description of each category.

1st season

2nd season