About prize

Feeel Design World Prize
is a prize for designers and
artists who create all types of
design objects and projects.

The prize for the winner in each
category is the production of
a prototype and a contract.

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Ommua floor lamp

Ommua is a mystical floor lamp with a very organic to animal design. The main idea was to breathe an…


Cyber Shovel

Cyber ​​Shovel is a multi-purpose camping shovel with an explorer archetype. Cyber ​​Shovel is specifically inspired and designed for the…


Domik Ptashki

Due to the monotonous lifestyle and lack of sustainable interaction with Nature, a person lives in constant decline and internal…

Park & garden

The Artificial Breathing Palm modular structure system, Oasys + System

We have designed an Oasis that protects Abu Dhabi’s residents and makes their lives more environmentally sustainable and healthy for…



The Shard Bathtub

The Shard Bathtub Is the reflection of freedom of expression; bold, smart, beautiful. It fits in any bathroom as the…


Whale Faucet

This concept is suitable for hotels located near San Diego (USA) as well as other cities in Southern California that…



The purpose of Lyra is to create indirect light in grand spaces. Our collection consists of three kinds of pieces,…

Shelves & wine holders

Absorbable Dice | Shell Waste

Molluck shells contain 75-90% Calcium Carbonate. After the recycled process from Machine Grinding to Burn (Refine), shells can be refined…

Shelves & wine holders


What if furniture could levitate and provide outstanding ergonomics and functionality at the same time? With this thought in mind…

Contemporary interiors

Museum repository of «Alliance 1892» cognac factory

The practical task was to design a storage for barrels with cognac spirits for the «Alliance 1892» company and an…


The Galactico Office Furniture Set

The Galactico is a set of office furniture, inspired by the cheesy-like surface of the moon and the supermassive black…