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Gian Paolo Venier: A Master of Product Design & Jury Member of the 3rd session

Photo by Riccardo Lettieri

Gian Paolo Venier is a globally recognized product designer, best known for his transformative design solutions. His artistic prowess extends beyond designing spaces, products, and installations. In recent years, Venier’s accomplishments have been recognized on an international scale, leading to his appointment as a jury member of the prestigious Feeel Design World Prize. This article delves into the life, work, and influence of this renowned designer, as well as his role in the Feeel Design World Prize.

Early Life and Education

Gian Paolo was born and raised in Trieste, Italy. He has also lived in London and New York before settling in Milan, where he joined the OTTO Studio. He is an avid traveler, constantly seeking new sources of inspiration for his designs. Gian Paolo specializes in interior design, temporary exhibitions, objects, textiles, and creative direction. He is also passionate about fashion and even designs his own clothes. Additionally, he is an accomplished painter.

Career and Notable Works

Upon graduation, Venier embarked on a journey to transform the global design landscape.

“Lilliput” installation for Senato Hotel

One of Venier’s most notable works is the “Lilliput” installation for Senato Hotel. Inspired by “Gulliver’s Travels”, the installation is a testament to Venier’s ingenuity and innovative spirit. The installation features giant chairs, standing at a height of 350 cm, made from extruded rubber and covered with a recycled PET product designed by Venier for ABITEX. The chairs, emerging from the water in the hotel’s courtyard, symbolize a three-dimensional snapshot that captures movement in a static form.

Venier has also collaborated with ADJ style to create an extraordinary collection of leather vases. Drawing inspiration from ancient French terracotta artworks, Venier transformed his fancifully designed vase paintings into tangible, vibrant realities. His vases, with their sculptural forms and tactile textures, represent a perfect amalgamation of art, functionality, and modern aesthetics.

Extraordinary collection of leather vases in collaboration with ADJ style

Interior Design

Gian Paolo Veneir created lots of beautiful interior designs. One of them is Crete’s Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa, opened in June 2020, takes its inspiration from the natural and cultural landscape of the island, combining local history and craftsmanship with modern furnishings and a cool, neutral palette.

Gian Paolo Venier, the Milanese interior designer behind the project, tells us more in his interview to Sleeper Magazine: “For me, designing a hotel is a process that involves many aspects. It is about finding a place’s identity and making connections between the project and the destination itself, as well as discovering the typical features of the location, the artisans, and working in tandem with the territory. The main objective is to make it an essential part of a travel and discovery experience. Designing is a journey for me, and travelling is who I am.

Sustainability is a must nowadays in all kinds of projects, and hotels are on the front line. We are more confident with nature, and we look at a better, more harmonious relationship with it through a more natural rhythm of life. Sustainability also impacts the style and the aesthetic view. Imagine Cayo without a sustainable and environmental approach such as its gardens and its rooms’ planted roofs? It would be a totally different style and message in terms of design, and of course, nothing close to as beautiful as it is”

Feeel Design World Prize

Venier’s remarkable contributions to the design industry have led to his appointment as a jury member of the Feeel Design World Prize. This prestigious design award recognizes designers and creative individuals who contribute significantly to building a material environment.

The Feeel Design World Prize encourages innovation and artistic expression among designers. The competition seeks to move away from trends and marketing and return to artistic design, essentially object design. Each year, the competition attracts designers, artists, architects, and craftsmen from all over the world, all of whom are united by their shared passion for design.

As a jury member, Venier brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the evaluation process. He assesses each project based on its function, rationalism, design, form, and decor, as well as the use of natural materials and the comfort of the future owner.

Influence and Recognition

Venier’s work has been recognized and celebrated globally. His designs for the “Lilliput” installation and the collection of leather vases have been lauded for their ingenious use of materials and innovative design concepts. His appointment as a jury member of the Feeel Design World Prize further solidifies his standing as a leading figure in the world of design.


Gian Paolo Venier is undoubtedly a powerhouse in the world of product design. His innovative designs, coupled with his commitment to sustainability and his tenure as a jury member of the Feeel Design World Prize, make him a pivotal figure in the global design landscape. As he continues to create and inspire, the design world eagerly awaits his next move.