Project is silver winner 2022/23

Elisa bench

Elisa is a bench that is intended for parks and exterior use. It is made from natural recycled materials, from the aluminum and birch three plywood plate which is resistant to moisture. Therefore this bench can be used in all weather conditions (rain, snow, sun, and storm). The main idea behind Elisa bench is that that besides the function of the bench it can be used as a unique sculpture while it keeps its main function. It can be occupied by three persons at the same time. The bench has a reduced form, where one form cuts into another form, making this bench very specific and at the same time unique. We took care to spend as little material as possible and to select the best material we could. It’s easy to manufacture, there are not many elements, and most importantly, in addition to its specific shape and position, it keeps the main function to allow people to comfortably sit on it.

My idea of the final design was to make a form-shape of a bench which doesn’t look like a bench, but which has the same function as a bench. I think I achieved my idea with this design. Beautiful form is achieved with the play with angles and directions. The selection of the material was investigated and at the end only two materials for the bench were selected: aluminum, the main supporting pillar was made from it and the other material is a plywood birch plate, of which the seats are made of, a material that is strong and at the same time resistant to moisture. The bench would be anchored to the concrete floor, the pillar and cap of the pillar would be poured into a mold of aluminum and the seats would be cut off on a CNC machine made of 40 mm thick plywood. The Elisa bench will be a beautiful sculpture in the public space for people to sit and enjoy in nature.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvZjGDVk8Z0
  • Milan Rankovic
  • City of Smederevo, Serbia


Milan Rankovic


City of Smederevo, Serbia