Interior design: Classic interiors

Classic style interiors of private houses, flats and apartments

Project Duckfield

Warning….we cant be responsible for injury to your jaw …. when it drops !! Project Duckfield is simply swoon worthy….

Forest Cottage

Our clients – a young family came to us after visiting the house we had rebuilt next door. They really…

Lake house

The client is an avid fisherman. He has long dreamt of having a house by the lake and has built…

Elegant cottage

We built this house from scratch. Having been given carte blanche by my clients, I used my favorite images of…

Apartment on the island

When we started working on the project, several circumstances became decisive. The main desire of the customers was household convenience….

Waterfront Domicile

Nestled within picturesque crystal-clear sea bay of land below the wind, this magnificent 5-storey bungalow spans across its 18,000 sqft…