Project is shortlisted 2022/23

Apartment on the island

When we started working on the project, several circumstances became decisive. The main desire of the customers was household convenience. They wanted to have powerful ventilation with separate climate for each member of the family and soundproofing, allowing you to feel yourself in the apartment as in country house and not hear the neighbors above and below.

The apartment, with an area of 350 square meters, had low ceilings, a little more than 3 meters, and the presence of panoramic windows with a view to the river, this did not allow trace engineering systems simply by lowering the ceilings. We could get the feel of living in the parking rather than a living space.

We had an idea to place air ducts along the walls and hide engineering systems behind false beams, cornices, caissons. The architectural solution was born from an engineering task.

Throughout the apartment we launched a cornice, which in different circumstances plays the different roles: a ventilation diffuser, framing beams, fencing curtains. The cornice rests on columns pilasters, portals, combined with doors, built-in wardrobes and ceiling outlets, creating a single ensemble.

All details were designed by us and executed according to our drawings by Gaisin and KLLC (batp_apa_sotrapu). AT ornaments, we decided to use Art Deco elements.

We tried to create an unobtrusive, cozy, warm and space inviting to co-authorship, in which the customer could make any details he likes, live to his taste, showing his character and vision of the interior, because the Art Deco style is eclectic. So there were bright paintings by Ulfried Lang, service with drawings by Salvador Dali.

A few simple and clear solutions: color palette “light top, dark bottom”, author’s decor, clear color contrast, unambiguous reference to a certain style, allowed create a spacious and airy interior with a certain cultural code. In a house that, like an island, goes around silvery river, which acts like a spectacular frame of the interior.

  • Living room
    Living roomLiving room (Detail)
    Living room (Detail)Living room
    Living roomLiving room
    Living roomHall 1
    Hall 1Hall 1
    Hall 1Kitchen
    KitchenHall 2
    Hall 2Cabinet
    bedroomHall 3
    Hall 3Bathroom
  • Anna Reznik (inerior designer)


Anna Reznik (inerior designer)