Project is shortlisted 2022/23

Waterfront Domicile

Nestled within picturesque crystal-clear sea bay of land below the wind, this magnificent 5-storey bungalow spans across its 18,000 sqft interiors hosting seven bedrooms that houses a truly multi-generational family home with the head of the family and his wife live here with their three adult children and their respective young families where boasts the epitome of a luxury home.

The overarching concept was succinct; to intertwined aestheticism and functionality in a manner that creates poetry from cement and brick. Fused between contemporary and classic interiors, four master bedrooms are with nearly similar floor areas, but each bedroom is appropriately measured by considering user’s ergonomic requirements and circulation patterns to formulate their expectations. This is to enable them to make the maximum use of each space.

The primary family activity areas were extended through the peripheral with the creation of intermediary spaces of timber decking verandah and landscape garden with koi fishpond, green house, and rattan gazebo. It aims to effortlessly connect the interior with the outdoor mini eco oasis. The tranquil atmosphere of the garden encapsulates the notion as an escape from the bustling city life.

With the nature of communal dining for a big family, where dishes are typically shared around the table, the circle of the round dining table symbolizes reunion or ‘团圆’ in Chinese. Therefore, the relationship of these three spaces is design towards this principle. Sometimes, owner may have breakfast on the dry kitchen countertop; teatime at the outdoor timber decking verandah with a view to the sea; and dinner in the dining area. Here will be the most heart-warming place in this house.

As the most trafficked areas in the house, the relationship among dining area, dry kitchen and outdoor timber decking verandah has become the hierarchy in the house as they provide plenty of space for the family to entertain their guests and have intimate family gatherings amidst ample natural lighting and sea breeze from morning wake-ups to after-works nights in.

Coming to the enchanting landscape garden, customize dramatic light sculpture installation inspired by tree with the use of stainless steel coated in black titanium to withstand rusting from the sea breeze and its edge is finished up with light bulbs inside Archilux globes; it then become a key focal point of the night garden. While walking through the green house where vegetations are planted, there is a direct view to the tree light sculpture installation.

  • Foyer
    Stepping into the entrance, with the appreciation of the beauty of wood’s sinuous veins, main entrance timber door was wrapped up with book-match Walnut Burl wood veneer sheets c/w gold colour titanium finish stainless steel door handle. The rich brown colour of Walnut Burl accented with a light coat of permeable stains that accentuates the appearance of these wooden veneer sheets. When entering the foyer, an inviting hotel concierge feels like space with gloss finished black marble flooring at your first glance. Marbles are widely used in public area and bathrooms/powder rooms, it is the simplest way to give the setting a sophisticated touch and subtle beauty. Foyer Feature
    Foyer Feature
    Travertine finished column’s surface is treated with uncovered orifice to maintain a wilder appearance that improves classicism and modernity in harmony. With backlit effects, the glow that escaped from the edges of maple sycamore veneer wall panel adds both depth and drama.Living Room
    Living Room
    Airy living area with ceiling height sliding door on both sides gets paired with tasteful and distinctive furniture from Gamma Arredamenti to create a classic and timeless contemporary interior. Lift Core
    Lift Core
    Stairways is finished with Burmese Walnut solid wood tread and black colour titanium finished riser. With the use of gold stainless steel handrail with built-in LED lighting, it eliminates the need for ancillary lighting and to acts as a guidance while walking up and down of the stairways. Elevator shaft cladded with grey marble is surrounded by stairways flights, with the idea of pairing up marble with gold metallic titanium door, it seamlessly blends the elevator shaft into the foyer ambience. Elevator’s interior was design with flattering bronze mirror wall and combination of marble and solid wood flooring, it makes the atmosphere looks spacious and brighter with the mixture of different texture.Lift Internal Floor
    Lift Internal Floor
    The combination of Cosmic Black Granite, Pink Patagonia Quartzite and Asia Walnut solid wood with brass in-lay as separator makes a statement that is breathtaking. Wet Kitchen
    Wet Kitchen
    Spacious kitchen interiors are complemented by trendsetting gray, pioneer expresses a taste for reinterpreting traditional concepts, giving the ambience a more contemporary language, and adapting them to dignity. With the appearance of semi-transparent acrylic red stool, it then adds a streak of colour into the living sanctuary.Verandah
    Indoor timber decking verandah acts as a natural wind tunnel, channeling wind from sea to the land. Checkered frame rattan ceiling is well paired up Belian solid wood flooring to brings out harmony feel to this space for tea break with the elderly at home. Roof Top Bar
    Roof Top Bar
    The eclectic and chic roof top bar lounge is finished with natural cork flooring from Wicanders which is aesthetically versatile as it creates seamless-looking floor and acts as an extremely efficient natural sound absorber because its cells work as an acoustic insulator, this result in reducing the walking sound. Apart from functionality, it is a perfect blend of glamour. The glamorous centerpiece bar island is designed with semi cylinder wooden profile spray painted in Emerald green with gold stainless steel footrest as an auxiliary element, topped with greyish-purple quartzite with rose gold veins to create a refined atmosphere of elegance and luxury. The use of airy and organic form Plumen light bulb above bar countertop adds drama to the entire atmosphere.Room Entrance Statement
    Room Entrance Statement
    Versatile and eye-catching striped vertical linear wall panel acts as door, and striped divider act as room entrance statement, serving an effectible tangible marker that reinforce the visual constraints while simultaneously providing visual and spatial continuity through the same space. Master Suite
    Master Suite
    Master bedroom is designed with Burmese Walnut solid wood floors, full height wall sheers & drapes, surrounded wood veneer wall panels and anchored by a leather armchair sofa from Babakagu with a scenic sea view from the interior to nurture a long-lasting and esthetically satisfying interior to unwind and relax. Master Wardrobe
    Master Wardrobe
    Maple sycamore veneer sheets were used in built-in units as its natural wood grains evoke the minimalist elegance with its inviting warm tone.Guest Room
    Guest Room
    A low-key zen guestroom associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines are to create peaceful and calming atmosphere that offsets the stress for guests to have a good rest. It’s minimalistic and zen décor speaks volumes. Bath 5
    Bath 5
    Travertine marble with wispy texture adds an opulent finish to this impressive bathroom to exude sophistication. Master Suite Shower Room
    Master Suite Shower Room
    Pure white marble with red veins from Italy lending the master bathroom a wide and serene feel. With the participation of Spanish glass mosaic by Vidrepur, it enhances the interior by adding a sprinkle of luxury. Apart from aesthetics perspectives, glass mosaic as floor finish material will provide extra grip and low maintenance. Powder Room
    Powder Room
    Distinctive veining pattern in Spiderman Quartzite appears like blood capillaries branching out with different path gives an infinite extension of visual charm is exerted to the utmost. The natural beauty of stone captivates us with its dazzling beauty.
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