The Token of Change

In the United States, most states do not provide paid Maternity Leave for women after childbirth, which makes women who have just gone through childbirth financially and mentally challenged and unable to recover during their maternity period physically. Paid maternity leave improves maternal and infant health, including physical and well-being. Women who received paid Leave reported lower rates of intimate partner violence. Increased paid parental Leave and maternity leave can reduce infant mortality.

But so far, the results show that the United States has the worst childcare in the developed world. Equally concerning, however, is that no third place in the United States can provide professional postpartum care for women, both emotionally and physically, with a large market and target audience with a pressing need. The project includes initial research on the relationship between women, newborn health, and postnatal care, providing insight into the puerperal period’s importance and lack of awareness. Users of this project can be women experiencing birth in any form and include new parents, single mothers, and older women.

The project aims to improve the health of postpartum women and raise awareness of postnatal care by providing in-depth and compassionate integrated postnatal care as a third medical place, with the ultimate hope of improving the system and status quo of paid postnatal care some extent.

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