Project is gold winner 2022/23

MOMO Asian Bar

The total area of the restaurant is 180 sq. m., the dining space is devided in 3 areas creating a total of 64 seats and the open terrace disigned 44 seats.

The open-plan kitchen welcomes the customers, the bar counter brings the restaurant rooms together and facilitates the staff’s work with their clients, while the artificial lighting of the restaurant’s remote rooms mimics street lighting, expanding the imaginary space and filling it with soft light.

ARCHFORM team was able to incorporate the oriental philosophy into every detail of the interior and create a practical workspace for an efficient operation of the restaurant.

The concept of the Momo restaurant is based on the culture and traditions of Japan and Vietnam.

The idea of the interior is based on mixing four elements in space:

Metal – used for the metallic constructions of the terrace and the entrance area, for the decoration of the fireplace, and for the artistic bionics of the wall and the ceiling cladding.  

Wood – in the rough-hewn tables and doors carved by local craftsmen with the symbol of a rotating mandala.   

Fire – found in the candlelit fireplace in the center of the restaurant.  

Earth – reflected in the handmade bricks created especially for Momo, which mirror the brickwork of Vietnamese houses exposed to tropical humidity.   


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    Archform_Momo Asian Bar_18-73690d8e
  • Vladimir Pînzaru, Irina Andronic, Tatiana Lupaşcu, Victoria Peev, Anna Stejar


Vladimir Pînzaru, Irina Andronic, Tatiana Lupaşcu, Victoria Peev, Anna Stejar