Architectural product


Original screens partitions and construction systems.

In this category we celebrate participants who develop architectural products that are used for functional or decorative zoning and are intended to be made of any sort of glass and / or metal.

Partitions are appropriate for all types of premises, including showers and bathrooms, hotel rooms, as well as any mobile zoning options; with or without sections.

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Shelves & wine holders

Original shelves, storage and other equipment for wine cellars.

In this nomination, we would like to see interesting options for storage systems, shelves, cabinets, racks and wine bottle holders. These can be both systems and products that fix one or two bottles, including uncorked ones. Your imagination is limited only by the shape of the bottles, although they can be very different – we are not against experimenting with magnums and other non-standard containers for drinks.

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Arches metal shelf

Arches are one of the most fascinating architectural forms. Many of the world’s most impressive structures whether man made or…

OR Organizer

“the descriptions bellow & also the pictures described as ‘example of use’ are all included in the sheets” About the…

De Vine

De Vine is an interactive wine rack which allows users to store wine into an artistic wall feature. Inspired by…


Unos is a modular type of furniture. There are basically two modules. The resulting furniture is different combinations of these…


Chairs that will bring you back to childhood memories, where there is a place for joy and balloons – because…

The Joost Collection

Driven by design. Inspired by wine. The Joost Collection is a set of beautifully designed wine racks that seamlessly blend…

Absorbable Dice | Shell Waste

Molluck shells contain 75-90% Calcium Carbonate. After the recycled process from Machine Grinding to Burn (Refine), shells can be refined…


What if furniture could levitate and provide outstanding ergonomics and functionality at the same time? With this thought in mind…