Absorbable Dice | Shell Waste

Molluck shells contain 75-90% Calcium Carbonate. After the recycled process from Machine Grinding to Burn (Refine), shells can be refined to Calcium Carbonate powder. And because of its porous fibrous double helix structure and inorganic properties, it has various functions, such as air purification (absorb formaldehyde, odour and sound), anti-bacterial and fire prevention.

To be environmentally friendly, natural glues can be considered as the combination of Calcium Carbonate powder, including animal glues and plant-made glues. Animal glues like fish skin and hide can be compared with plant-made glue such as sticky rice, all of which are daily materials.

I try to test the best proportion of mixing different types of natural glues and Calcium Carbonate to make the product more stable and durable.

By exploring the pattern of acoustic insulation panels, the project aims to design a piece of new furniture, the pattern of which has functions of absorbing sound, odour and other harmful particles and gases at home. It is modular so there is more flexibility in different places at home.

Flexibily ssembled absorbable dice
Shell waste
Fish glue process
Pattern sketch
Product sketch
Model piece
Pattern and texture detail
Two sizes dice furniture

Description provided by the authors of the project.


Peiyan Li