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OR Organizer

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About the Product

OR organizer is a better solution for organizing every space; whether it’s a kitchen cabinet, a countertop, a closet or even an office or a workshop. not only you can organize different spaces, but also you can place more stuff at the same space. in summary the whole point of this product is being able to have optimized & organized spaces but also adding an extra element of beauty to that space.

Although the idea of using holes & columns to organize specially in the kitchens is not something new but OR is way more than that. what makes this product more than just an ordinary organizer is due to the way it’s designed & because of the different elements that you can use with the product, not only makes it suitable for every single space but also gives you infinite ways to use it. even if you decide to rearrange or even change your space, it does not matter because you can still reuse the product in the new space.

Elements & Measurements

All the designed measurements in the product are based on the most common sizes that we work with everyday and makes the shapes of most objects. the columns [C1 & C2] comes in two different heights but with the same Diameter and must be screwed in the screw holes, as well as the hanger [H], on the board . W2 & W4 walls can be placed between two consecutive columns with no holes between since they have the same length but two different height. W1 & W3 walls can be placed between two consecutive columns with a hole between them since they also have the same length but are different in height. W5 wall can be placed either vertically between two consecutive columns with 2 holes between or horizontally between two consecutive columns with four holes between them.

The only thing in the product that does not have fixed measures is the board. even though it can be pre-made in standard sizes depending on where it’s going to be used; you can also make it in custom sizes for maximum optimization. it must be mentioned that the measurements of all the details on the board as well as the thickness of the board is completely fixed and the only changeable things are the length & the width of the board.

The distance between the centers of two consecutive holes on the board whether vertically or horizontally is always five centimeters and the quantity is determined based on the length and the width of the board. also the distances between the holes near the edges of the board from that edge must always be equal and minimum for two parallel sides of the board. based on the last sentence the distance between the center of a hole on the side of the board from the nearest edge is always between 0.7 and 3.1 centimeters and the distance between a column screwed to that hole from that edge is always between 0.1 and 2.5 centimeters.


In general, two types of materials are needed for the product; one for the board and the other one for the rest of the elements.

The board can be made from any kind of wood or processed wood such as MDF, plywood, etc [which are recyclable to mulch, pulp for paper, etc] with different finishes as well as different kinds of recycled materials that can be molded or shaped with high precision. the material of the board can be chosen based on the budget as well as where it’s going to be used.

For the rest of the elements the most suitable material is 304 stainless steel. steel is not only extremely shapeable but also very durable and tough against damage and moisture. it can also come in different finishes [matte, shiny, scratched, etc] and colors and be recycled easily which makes it perfect for this instance.


As mentioned before, this product can come in custom sizes and the elements is provided as needed.

But the other way that this product can be produced is in certain sizes with certain element so it can be used as a desk or a wall hanged organizer or even for standard sized drawers or even on coffee or dining tables as magazine or silverware holder or etc.

The versatility and the aesthetic aspect of this product is what makes it unique.

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