Furniture: Chill & relax

Comfortable and eco-minded furniture for deep relaxation and meditation

This category features products with functionality, usability and comfort. A calm and elegant design for relaxation, meditation and inspiration. Such items can be used for self-improvement practices and relaxation. The furniture which is used for recreation areas and gyms, spa areas, massage and meditation rooms. This also includes sun loungers, couches and spacious armchairs suitable for any recreation areas.

Otis ~ Bound & Tagged

Funk’d up fun Binding up accents — inspired by the Fascination of Kinbaku and the use of visually intricate binding….

Booty Chair ~

Looking for the perfect balance between comfort and style? Then look no further than the Booty Chair, the ultimate low…


ELAWIATR always adores haute cuisine and for her, Italian pasta is amongst the most sophisticated dishes. Tagliatelle is feminine by…


Introducing our Persian-inspired wooden furniture piece, designed to bring a touch of sophistication and tranquility to any living space. this…

The TAURUS coffee table

The TAURUS is a multifunction display coffee table. The multifunction aspect results from a pill-shaped portion in the center of…


Blob — the hugging pouf. Looking for ideas for my project I got inspired by a piece, made by Lucy…

Dot, Line, Plane

The dot, line, plane series is a sofa that allows tired modern people to relax and feel comfortable at home….