Dot, Line, Plane

The dot, line, plane series is a sofa that allows tired modern people to relax and feel comfortable at home.

The basic elements of all shapes are points, lines, and planes. Dots connect to become lines, and lines connect to become planes. Inspired by this point, points, lines, and planes are connected to eventually compose a space, and it is composed so that you can rest comfortably in the composed space. The 2-person sofa has a pedestal so that you can enjoy coffee or reading while relaxing comfortably, and the 1-person sofa has a foot rest so that you can rest more comfortably. The material of the cushion is composed of elastic mesh so that you can rest more comfortably.

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    main image-2-6286d7591p sofa-1-fc3c49e2
    1p sofa-1-fc3c49e21p sofa-2-95133d7d
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    1p sofa-3-5bef76972p sofa-1-94ac5e55
    2p sofa-1-94ac5e552p sofa-2-74905fc2
    2p sofa-2-74905fc22p sofa-3-51547fb7
    2p sofa-3-51547fb7
  • Sang Lok Jeong & Jin Woo Choi
  • Sang Lok Jeong & Jin Woo Choi
main image-1-6909dc04 main image-2-6286d759 1p sofa-1-fc3c49e2 1p sofa-2-95133d7d 1p sofa-3-5bef7697 2p sofa-1-94ac5e55 2p sofa-2-74905fc2 2p sofa-3-51547fb7


Sang Lok Jeong & Jin Woo Choi


Sang Lok Jeong & Jin Woo Choi