Project is silver winner 2022/23

Ray lamp

My task was to rethink everyday objects that we are used to seeing from metal and plastic and create an analog of density from wood.  As a result, I decided to make a desk lamp.  Everything in this lamp is made of wood, the smallest details except for the light bulb and the wire.
The shapes of the main elements of the lamp are simple and minimalistic, both for ease of production and for a balanced composition. I designed a wooden cylinder mount with a light source to the base, which avoided the use of pre-made metal mounts.
The lamp is completely environmentally friendly and is not inferior in functionality to traditional metal and plastic products.  The cylinder with the light source can be installed in any position and serve as both a table lamp and a mood lamp.  The contrast wire serves as a graphic element that complements and unites all elements.


Kseniia Derevianko