Project is silver winner 2022/23


Looking for inspiration to create a unique form of furniture, I was inspired by the beautiful, streamlined shape of ginkgo biloba leaves. The furniture has been developed in such a way to encourage relaxation with its shape, it has soft elements that have been partially covered with outer layer. It can evoke a positive feeling of being wrapped, but also leave freedom of use. It has delicate streamlined shapes, thanks to which it fits perfectly to the user. Its colors are supposed to bring peace and solace, which is why I gave up flashy design in favor of subdued shades of beige and white. Blando is a piece of furniture designed for relaxation and meditation, it has various functions depending on the individual preferences. The furniture was created with the users of public space in mind. Single modules combine to form unique shapes.

  • front view
    front viewview from above
    view from aboveside view
    side viewback view
    back viewa proposal to combine
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  • Daria Lewandowska - interior design student
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk


Daria Lewandowska - interior design student


Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk