Ommua floor lamp

Ommua is a mystical floor lamp with a very organic to animal design. The main idea was to breathe an unmistakable expression into the lamp and an exceptional feeling near it. With its huge 80 cm high shade, it is absolutely dominant and unmissable, suitable for very spacious interiors, where it will have the opportunity to stand out not only as light, but also a unique work of art.

The lamp has a construction with a strong but very light shade made of composite materials on 10 metal rods that pass through the shade inside. However, the bars inside the shade continue as flexible flexible wires, so that all the lights can be moved differently inside the shade, thus changing the direction of the incident light in the room. Each rod is terminated on the ground by a ball-shaped weight, at the end of each opposite side there is a separate LED light.

The lamp is controlled by moving your hand in front of the shade. This allows you to turn it on, off, or change the intensity of all the lights at once. The intensity of the light can also be changed by turning on or off the individual LED lights by touching them. In this way, different reflections of light can be created inside the shade, because the inside of the shade has a chrome surface.
The height of the lamp is 200 cm.

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Roman Tomek


Roman Tomek

Description provided by the authors of the project.