Project is shortlisted 2022/23


The designer sensitivity to draw more abstract forms and curves, led him to the creation of the floor lamp Birdy. The initial conception was to create a hand lamp, with the potentiality to hang it on various places. That is the reason why the lamp has a curve protruding on the top of it. After many trials, the designer was led into converting this primary conception into a more imposing design. The solution was given by stretching the whole idea and creating a floor, futuristic lamp.

The floor lamp is basically characterized by an abstract main body, while its base is oval, and an upright, eye-shaped incision which allows the light to diffuse. The lamp structurally consists of a single piece of metal with his finish polished or mat or any other range of RAL colors.

The great challenge of the project was to use a unique piece of metal. Because of the total absence of geometrical shape, I had many trials before ending up to the final design. The solution was given by using special molds in order to achieve the desired goal. From the beginning of the project, the designer had in mind curved forms, flowing in the space and with no specific geometrical shape. Great emphasis was given both on the fact that the floor lamp structurally consists of a single piece of metal without any joints, and on the incision which allows the light to diffuse. There is no geometrical shape in particular, expect for the base which is 420X220mm.The final height is 1800mm and the width is 600mm  

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    Floor lamp
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