Project is bronze winner 2022/23


Rebirth is a sofa made from second-hand clothes. There are two different chairs above and below respectively. The top stool can be a personal small stool when it is taken off from the sofa.  When the two chairs are combined together, it becomes a sofa with a backrest. Rebirth can accommodate more than two people, the purpose is to allow more people know that used clothes still can provide warm and comfortable feelings to people. In addition, people can “share” their feelings with their friends and family. Through Rebirth, people can remind  that there are lots of used clothes which still can “wear” and “share”  those for someone who needed.

The main goal of Rebirth is to allow people to reflect on the destruction caused by fast fashion, focusing on exploring the possibility of second-hand clothes which can be able to apply in product design. At the same time, Rebirth is also conveying the concepts of the nature protection and environmental significance, and people should consider the consequence of producing clothes while buying fast fashion. The production process of products will cause different levels of environmental pollution and impact, and it is vital to allow people to know those issues. In this era of information explosion, designers have a strong ability and responsibility to transmit positive messages through the influence of the design and express the issues people concerned about in daily life.

In the modern days, thank for developed technology and techique, clothing factories can produce lots of cheap and fashion clothes, and customers can buy the new clothes frequently with spending few money. However, there are plenty of clothes that had been bought and discarded every year, and numerous clother cause serious promblems such as pollution, labors and wastes. Therefore, Rebirth tried to let increasingly more people know the problems on overmaking and overbuying clothes through the project. Not only remind people this issue, but also let them cherish resourese and pay attention on the environment.

Despite donation or abandonment, Rebirth tried to show the used-clothes new appearance, by using various methods, such as ripping off, stitching together and re-arranging, Rebirth changes the colors and materials to create the heart-warming feeling and reverse the stereotype of used- clothes.

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  • Tzuhsiang Lin, Sie Hanyi


Tzuhsiang Lin, Sie Hanyi