Project is bronze winner 2022/23


This product was created for a university project where students got the chance to work with porcelain. The objective was to create a product with a nostalgic feeling that we can take with us, as we leave the planet Earth.

Man is born without knowing anything about the world. From our first day, we are influenced by external factors that constantly change us. In order to develop as individuals, we and the world collide, and we have to make numerous decisions. This is a complicated process that takes a lifetime.

«Desert» is a porcelain vase that represents the growth of human beings. When we interact with the world, we make different choices that build our self-image. So does the wind that blows the sand. It is an external factor that comes from different directions and moves at different speeds. It catches the sand particles and blows them away, they themselves collide with other sand particles and this unique dance creates dunes. These have a variety of shapes and directions. Some dune forms are large and powerful. They withstand time and remain as monuments of safety and determination. Others, however, are constantly destroyed and rebuilt — much like sand castles, submerged by ocean waves. In reality, these dunes are just like our decisions, our dreams, our plans. Some remain, others are quickly changed and forgotten. This may bring uncertainty and transience, but it ensures that every single decision is unique and peculiar. Just like life.

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  • Ralitsa Ducheva


Ralitsa Ducheva