Project is shortlisted 2022/23


Glida is an interactive light source, this playful lamp gives the user the chance to choose the mood of their lighting by adding and subtracting acrylic colors slides. Multiple color choices allows the user to pick which combination of colors they want in their space, it can also be used without the slides and creates a nice warm yellow glow. The Glida lamp brings colorful joy to spaces that lack ambiance.

  • 484_ValentineAshley_01 Large-7947f167
    484_ValentineAshley_01 Large-7947f167484_ValentineAshley_03 Large-58da2612
    484_ValentineAshley_03 Large-58da2612484_ValentineAshley_08 Large-51d21477
    484_ValentineAshley_08 Large-51d21477484_ValentineAshley_10 Large-f950efdd
    484_ValentineAshley_10 Large-f950efdd484_ValentineAshley_16 Large-3d9fa9cb
    484_ValentineAshley_16 Large-3d9fa9cb484_ValentineAshley_18 Large-5bbfc0df
    484_ValentineAshley_18 Large-5bbfc0df484_ValentineAshley_21 Large-77a75537
    484_ValentineAshley_21 Large-77a75537484_ValentineAshley_22 Large-6b8fe2e6
    484_ValentineAshley_22 Large-6b8fe2e6484_ValentineAshley_23 Large-6135c2f3
    484_ValentineAshley_23 Large-6135c2f3484_ValentineAshley_26 Large-958d3be4
    484_ValentineAshley_26 Large-958d3be4
  • https://vimeo.com/809191679
  • Ashley Valentine
  • University of Oregon


Ashley Valentine


University of Oregon