The Shard Bathtub

The Shard Bathtub Is the reflection of freedom of expression; bold, smart, beautiful. It fits in any bathroom as the colours can vary according to any interior design demand.

Born out of mosaic background paired up with collage experience, the Shard truly catches attention with its simplicity. Yet, it drives you to ask how this is possible, how this was made, colour and shape intrigue you to touch and explore more.

Made over 400 pieces, “cells”, designed on Cad, cut out by CNC Waterjet from a man designed marble slab, skilfully calibrated in its thickness to reach an outstanding performance of detail on every corner, as the Shard Bathtub is not smoothened round neither from the out side nor from the inside, you can feel the hexagonal edges with your hand and body deepening the relationship between object and user.

Sustainability reigns 100% using left over marble that would be thrown away in landfill. This is possible due the use of cells that enable and free further possibilities in terms of design and manufacturing.

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Description provided by the authors of the project.


Yuri Moulin Zampirolli


Yuri Moulin Zampirolli