ZHE Rocking Chair

Shortlist 2021

About Project

ZHE is a light weight and minimalist aesthetic rocking chair. The beauty of this chair’s form is conveyed by the tensile force applying over the elastic mesh. The structure of the chair is consisted by the steel tube skeleton, wraps around by the stretchy elastic mesh. The translucent mesh reveals the elegance of the curve steel tubes, as well as the curvature of the chair shell shaped by the tensile force. The ergonomic design provides great comfort and its relaxing sitting position allows the user to sit for a long time. The armrest is incorporated within the minimal chair form, which makes the ZHE both functional and exquisite.

Material: Elastic Mesh , powder coated steel tube

Dimension: W 900 x D 950 x H 850 (mm)

  • ZHE Fabric-01-7f298b37
    ZHE Fabric-01-7f298b37ZHE Fabric-02--b84a121a
    ZHE Fabric-02--b84a121aZHE Fabric-03-8e6a5c61
    ZHE Fabric-03-8e6a5c61ZHE Fabric-04-9c2c8d4e
    ZHE Fabric-04-9c2c8d4eZHE Fabric-05-5b959058
    ZHE Fabric-05-5b959058ZHE Fabric-06-7e2c8fe9
    ZHE Fabric-06-7e2c8fe9
  • Alan Hung
  • WAY Object
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection | Furniture: chill & relax
  • ZHE is a modern rocking chair that’s light weight and elegance. With multiple curves lines combine into one singular form, ZHE is the chair to be displayed in your living room or your favorite outdoor space.


Alan Hung


WAY Object

ZHE Fabric-01-7f298b37 ZHE Fabric-02--b84a121a ZHE Fabric-03-8e6a5c61 ZHE Fabric-04-9c2c8d4e ZHE Fabric-05-5b959058 ZHE Fabric-06-7e2c8fe9