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Zebu started its life based on the rich tapestry of Sistān mythology, lore and forms, supported by the concept that the function already exists within a form and the process of design should merely discover it.
The starting point of the form of Zebu was the morphology of the Iranian water buffalo – an animal portrayed on ancient Iranian Rhytons. Although Zebu is headless as a nod to the sacrifice of the Zebu ox by Mithra in Persian mythology, it can also be a reminder of the extinction of this ancient and exquisite creature as a result of gross neglect.
The building process of Zebu starts by creating a Styrofoam master by a CNC machine which is possible as Zebu’s structure is monocoque. The Master is then used to build a two-piece fiber glass negative mold. The material used for the final product is a type of papier mache consisting of old newspapers and resin. The mixture is poured into the fiber glass mold and is then fired in a low temperature kiln. The resulting material is lightweight, durable, repairable and environmentally friendly.

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  • farzad nghibzadeh and mohammadreza azizi and negar ramezani and mohamadhasan tavangar
  • Furniture: collection | Eco project
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  • Zebu is an environmentally friendly seat with the hero archetype. This product is the hero of a land without a savior.
    Zebu is a species of water buffalo living in the flat lands of Sistān for the past 5000 years. Since Its main habitat the Hamoon lake is facing drought, its ecosystem is threatened and Zebu is at high risk of extinction.
    Zebu sacrifices his life in order to save his Self. Within this paradox lies a chance for metamorphosis and re- definition of Self. True to his archetype he embarks upon a heroic journey in the realm of data and information. The legendary lake of Kasaoya has dried out and the land is barren. Darkness has taken over the light. Darkness has fallen upon Drankia.
    Zebu falls in a deep trans and separates from the physical realm. Devine Mithra hears his call and appears before him. Zebu is the call of the extinction of a 5000-year old species. He offers himself to Mithra as a sacrifice and Mithra beheads him the same way she did with Varzâw to recreate the history of the world. Zebu is transcended and becomes headless thereafter.
    This archeform is recreated as a seat for leaning instead of a Rhyton for drinking. We lean upon our mythology to exist within them. Zebu seat is a storyteller made of old newspapers that could not speak out their stories. He is a great truth and a clear message lying within a concise form as do grand concepts in limited words.


farzad nghibzadeh and mohammadreza azizi and negar ramezani and mohamadhasan tavangar



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