About Project

worship is a unique bar table & bar chair.the aim was to create a practical products with combination of harmony beetween two products with idea of minimalistic and functional form which is made by combination of elegance , harmony and compatibility with any decoration.the structure is made of propylene pipe with fabric cover finishing and mirror steel and for the surface on the work of 2 combinations of mirror metal sheet or marble.

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    table 9-afeafe1e
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Product design: object


mehdi ahkami



table 2-5e45d073 table 1-16332724 table 3-3a8fc19b table 4-e1a7337f table 5-9aa6f4d5 table 6-5c00d123 table 7-37c75c02 table 8-3e6ffecd table 9-afeafe1e