Wine rack and holder

About Project

The rack and wine bottle holder will be made of ebony, which will fit perfectly, look aesthetically pleasing in most interiors. The rack itself is small in size (295* 449 * 342), however, due to its shape and color, it seems even smaller. This object is very easy to use, because everything you need for a good time is in one place. The wine holder can hold either just a bottle of wine or there is a special bucket that can be filled with ice to change the taste of wine. The shape of the holder does not differ in any complexity, but it looks unusually exquisite from the outside. These objects look great and blend together so it is recommended that you purchase them together.

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  • Archiproducts: wine shelves and holders
  • Will be a great addition to an unforgettable evening. It will pleasantly surprise your friends with its beauty and will remain in your memory for a long time.

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