Whale Faucet

Shortlist 2021

About Project

This concept was inspired by Whales.
The general design of this concept gives the user a sense of calm and protection due to their soft curves, and since the whale is a symbol of energy and a great power, it can easily give this feeling to the user while working with these fauscets.
This concept is suitable for hotels located near San Diego (USA) as well as other cities in Southern California that lead to the Pacific Ocean; Because these cities are famous for having the largest animal in the world, namely Whales, and every year they attract many tourists from all over the world to see these whales.
Staying in these beach hotels and using these faucets in bathrooms for the user is reminiscent of this tourist attraction of this region.

  • 1Whale_Faucet-4165a2d9
  • Afshin Mehdizadegan Hosseini
  • Product design: object
  • The overall design of this concept is inspired by Whales. This concept, which is a symbol of water, ocean and whales, can make the user feel better while using these faucets.


Afshin Mehdizadegan Hosseini

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