“Velum” screen lamp

About Project

Nowadays many people have to spend more time at home and they need a reminder and hope for positive changes, travelling nostalgia and a personal island of comfort and privacy.

All of these are symbolized by a sail (or velum in Latin) that has become the main idea of the screen lamp design. It’s a rounded paper screen attached to the wooden curved mast that creates a protective private space in front of the lamp with its own light source in the center.

Sustainable design approach was implemented as a synthesis of bionic aesthetics, minimal use of natural, recyclable or renewable materials and multifunctionality of several light sources and glass shelves:
1. Upper ceiling daylight
2. Central ambient light, changeable in warm spectrum
3. Middle light for reading
4. Lower plant light with wireless smartphone charger
5. Floor nightlight with motion detector

Diverse light scenarios are run by smartphone application.

Proposed dimensions: 2000mm x 500mm x 500mm
Materials: wood, ultra-transparent tempered glass, polished stainless steel, paper.

Fabrication techniques. Using hand-tools or/and CNC-machinery.
Wood: routing and gluing, drilling, polishing, oiling
Metal: wire bending and polishing, fasteners’ routing and turning, black chromium plating or coloring
Glass: routing, polishing, tempering
Paper: cutting and folding

Electrical part. Using LED light and control software ready solutions.

  • "Velum" screen lamp
    "Velum" screen lamp
    Middle light for reading (illuminates shelves) Central ambient light, changeable in warm spectrum (reflected from the sail)"Velum" screen lamp
    "Velum" screen lamp
    Front view. Upper ceiling daylight."Velum" screen lamp
    "Velum" screen lamp
    Perspective view"Velum" screen lamp
    "Velum" screen lamp
    Back view"Velum" screen lampc
    "Velum" screen lampc
    Lower plant light with wireless smartphone charger"Velum" screen lamp
    "Velum" screen lamp
    Floor nightlight with motion detector
  • Nikolay Vladykin
  • Kai Ross Design Studio
  • Furniture: collection | Archiproducts: partitions and screens | Product design: light | Product design: object
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Nikolay Vladykin


Kai Ross Design Studio

"Velum" screen lamp "Velum" screen lamp "Velum" screen lamp "Velum" screen lamp "Velum" screen lampc "Velum" screen lamp