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The initial idea of designer was to create a unfragmented stone object with an attractive appearance. since the combination of glass and stone has always been attractive due to their nature contrasting ,he decided to put a glass heart inside the stone. By installing a light source inside the stone, it was possible to shine its beauty from inside. The appearance of this artwork is designed parametrically with the bottom-up approach .designer has been inspired from beautiful ceiling designs and colored glasses of Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz. In the base part of the design, there are indentations in the shape of a rhombus that decreases in depth as they approach the opening of the vase until they finally disappear. Also, in order to create more beauty, has been tried to observe the golden ratio in its proportions. The glass part can be filled with water and fresh plants also it can be removed for washing or filling of water

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  • Amir Abbass Nasimi
  • Nasim Architecture
  • Product design: light | Product design: object
  • Vala Vase invites you to watch the beauty of flowers. vala has many delicate details that are carved by CNC on onyx stone. The contrast between the hardness of the stone and the fragility of the glass and its composition has been the main motivation of the designer. He has been inspired by the beautiful designs of the ceiling and stained glass of Nasir Al-MUlk Mosque in Shiraz.


Amir Abbass Nasimi


Nasim Architecture

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