Shortlist 2021

About Project

History of the work
We have created ceramic heroes – Urbans, residents of the ceramic UrbanTown. Each character has its own role and story – Urban Gorodnichy (bribe-taker), Urban Director of a brick factory (works little, gets a lot), Comrade Sinitsyn (exemplary family man during the day, exhibitionist in the evening), Urban Psychotherapist (dreaming of dragging Sinitsyn to his appointment), Urbans Space tourists, Urban Banker (sponsoring the space industry), couples, athletes, artists, collectors.

More than 20 characters and they are constantly updated with new characters.
Now it is just interior decor, figurines ranging in size from 30 to 40 cm. By turning the head, many of them can also be candlesticks or stands for dried flowers, for example. The functionality of the work is one of our creative credos.

New opportunities of Urbans
We want to create large exterior Urbans characters (from 1.5 meters and more).
They can be located somewhere in parks, on walking streets. Each of the heroes, due to its design, should also carry practical significance.
Some will become street lamps (Urban’s hollow structure allows electricity to be carried through). Other heroes can be pointers – holding a sign with a house number, street / park / library / room or direction name, menu for a cafe, etc.
Also it is possible to ambed a speaker and it will sound – play music, announcements, for example, etc.

Someone could be situated next to the bench with an umbrella in it’s hands so that a passer-by can wait out the rain in the park, not get wet and spend time in the company of Urban.
In general, they have many applications. In addition, they could be a symbol of the city / place, since thanks to the different artistic colors, the characters can be given the features of any nationality or the peculiarities of the place where they will stand in order to be recognizable.

Kind and friendly, Urbans personify all people, we are the same funny characters, with our own stories and not always perfect. It is also ironic look from the outside. They, like people, go to work, dream, quarrel, live. The general character of all the characters is more positive, a little naive and funny.

For the manufacture of large Urbans it is necessary need a large-scale kiln for firing, fireclay (chamotte), various glazes, pigments, oxides.

  • Urbans
    UrbansUrban banker, Urban Overcoat, Urban the Governor
    Urban banker, Urban Overcoat, Urban the GovernorUrban Sinitsyn
    Urban Sinitsyn
    Sculptures of a similar shape with straight heads can be lamps.Space tourists
    Space tourists
    Such urbans can also be just street art objects, or lamps with directional light to the side.
    Art objects with a raised hand - they can hold umbrellas, signs, announcements, or some kind of iconic objects and again shineUrban Actress
    Urban ActressUrban Why?
    Urban Why?Urban Cosmonaut
    Urban CosmonautUrban Angel
    Urban AngelUrban Director of a brick factory
    Urban Director of a brick factoryUrban town madman
    Urban town madman Urban psychiatrist
    Urban psychiatrist
  • Elizabeth Martirosyan, Karen Yuzbashyan
  • DirtyHands, studio of art ceramics
  • Product design: object | Product design: park and garden
  • Funny Urban heroes who will keep you company in the park, for example. One will shine as a street lamp, another will hold an umbrella for you, the third will show the way.


Elizabeth Martirosyan, Karen Yuzbashyan


DirtyHands, studio of art ceramics

Urbans Urbans Urban banker, Urban Overcoat, Urban the Governor Urban Sinitsyn Space tourists Urban Actress Urban Why? Urban Cosmonaut Urban Angel Urban Director of a brick factory Urban town madman Urban psychiatrist