Uderbekov side table

About Project

the side table is made of a 3 liter jar of water
, the base of the table is made on a 3D printer from biodegradable PLA plastic. a light source can be placed under the base.
The table top of the table is also printed on a 3d printer, and covered with glossy epoxy resin.
The table is made to reuse large 3-liter cans, which means to reduce the cost of the table for the user. After all, the jar has already been produced, the energy allocated for the production of the jar has already been spent, there is no need to produce a new jar

  • JARUderbDanik3284-8a788bc0
    3liter Jar Table3LiterJar-5c529ea5
    3liter Jar Table3LiterJarLIGHT-04289e96
    3liter Jar Table
  • Uderbekov Daniyar
  • Uderbekov Daniyar
  • Furniture design: series | Product design: light
  • there is always a 3-liter jar in the pantry, from which you can make a table!


Uderbekov Daniyar


Uderbekov Daniyar

JARUderbDanik3284-8a788bc0 3LiterJar-5c529ea5 3LiterJarLIGHT-04289e96