Uderbekov floor lamp

About Project

the floor lamp is made of river stone heavy enough to hold the lamp securely, and a wooden stick and a light shade made of tracing paper, translucent paper, or rice paper
A wire with a light bulb is mounted in a wooden shelf

the lampshade made of rice paper is cut round.
If necessary, you can open the edges of the lamp to enhance the light
To make such a lamp, there is no need to waste energy, pollute the environment, produce a heavy base of concrete or metal, there are many such stones in nature, especially in rivers and streams
, and the lampshade can also be cut manually from translucent paper

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    Uderbekov floor lampUderbekovfloorlamp3-0a250d83
    Uderbekov floor lampUderbekovfloorlamp4-c8aea685
    Uderbekov floor lamp
  • Uderbekov Daniyar
  • Uderbekov Daniyar
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  • you can make such a lamp yourself! going camping in nature and getting a stone!


Uderbekov Daniyar


Uderbekov Daniyar

Uderbekovfloorlamp2-e9293b0e Uderbekovfloorlamp3-0a250d83 Uderbekovfloorlamp4-c8aea685