Uderbekov coffee table

About Project

table sea surface, size diameter 70cm
materials acrylic, wood
I was inspired to create a table by designer Mathieu Lehanneur. I made the legs of the table at different angles and with different distances to visually enhance the effect of an unstable water surface
The surface of the sea was created using a 3D printer.
For the uneven surface of the sea, there are two “islands” of a cup holder for drinks, for two people
, fruits can lie on the table without a plate, they will not crumble and will lie in a pile

  • DSCF7672_forMoskow-7a1d6ac8
    Uderbekov coffee tableDSCF7691-feel-fe84d98d
    Uderbekov coffee tableDSCF7813-Moskow-fe84d98d
    Uderbekov coffee tableDSCF7797-редакт-0ca3b3a9
    Uderbekov coffee table
  • Uderbekov Daniyar
  • Uderbekov Daniyar
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection | Product design: object
  • An unusual uneven table, which has no task, is liked by everyone. it is a symbol of the Element of the sea.


Uderbekov Daniyar


Uderbekov Daniyar

DSCF7672_forMoskow-7a1d6ac8 DSCF7691-feel-fe84d98d DSCF7813-Moskow-fe84d98d DSCF7797-редакт-0ca3b3a9