About Project

Turbin is a unique coffetable bookcase design . inspired by the creation of a small and practical product from the combination of bookcase & coffetable ,made by the geometric form of a circle and a curve, an attempt has been made to create a minimal and beautiful product that can be used in any space, a place to use a table and a small space for Magazines and low books and curved lines of the mold on the form of this product give a feeling of comfort and warmth to the space , the structure of product is made of metal with plywood cover .

  • coffetable 33-ec4cb0fe
    coffetable 33-ec4cb0fecoffetable 30-ca27d4ec
    coffetable 30-ca27d4eccoffetable 31-b229691d
    coffetable 31-b229691dcoffetable 32-b29f49a2
    coffetable 32-b29f49a2
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



coffetable 33-ec4cb0fe coffetable 30-ca27d4ec coffetable 31-b229691d coffetable 32-b29f49a2