Três floor lamp

About Project

Três is a very different floor lamp, as in addition to lighting it has a side table and a coat rack, and all with round shapes, that is, three functions. Looking from the side, the three levels are similar in form but not in function. The upper circle with this dome with internal LEDs that moves 360° on the shaft axis and tilts 180° on the same axis, allowing the user to position the light focus in any direction, then serves as a support for reading in an armchair or headboard, as well as serving as an indirect lighting point in a bedroom or living room corner, making it very versatile.

Its typology is that it is a floor lamp for residential and hotel environments, it is certainly also an option, the base, the rod, and the circles of the support table and the coat rack were designed in carbon steel tubes, to give the necessary weight to provide balance, and the upper circle was designed in aluminum to be lighter and easier for the user to manipulate and position. All metal parts whether steel or aluminum should be in black or white and the wooden top can be used almost any type of wood that makes a good match with the style of the luminaire.

– Finished in white or black electrostatic paint.
– LED light source.
– color temperature can be 2700K
– activation made by a switch on the electric cable.

– base made of calendered rigid metal bar forming a circle that will provide support and balance for the piece
– two metallic tubes connecting the circle to the central rod in a non-metallic aluminum tube
– a circle made of metal tube in calendered aluminum where a wooden top will be supported to form the support table
– round wooden top that can be in any type of wood chosen by the manufacturer or by the customer, it can also be a stone top such as granite
– a smaller circle made of calendered aluminum metal tube to form the circle that will serve as a clothes hanger or a decorative blanket, for example
– a hinge that makes the dome rotate 360 ​​degrees on the axis of the rod, and that makes the connection with the dome and allows it to move 180 degrees on the axis of the articulation
– Metallic aluminum circle to receive a double LED board to illuminate it in both directions, and also contain the driver that can also be placed on the base.
– two LED boards and two translucent acrylic boards

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  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Furniture design: series | Product design: light | Product design: object
  • Três is a triple function luminaire, it lights the room from every possible angle, it has a clothes rack, and a coffee table. with unique and modern shapes


Bruno Rodrigues

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