About Project

Main features
-General measurements: 230 mm x 90 mm wide
-Capacity: 630 ml
-Materials: Transparent plastic with anti-friction technology and aluminum
-It has compartments to place powdered drinks
-The pieces are perfectly fitted to avoid spillage of the content
-BPA free

I designed this product when I was studying my second and third cycle at the Universidad Privada del Norte located in Lima, Peru.
He had chosen as a target audience those people who had a strenuous job and could not prepare the drink they wanted, either because they did not have the necessary implements to do so or because they simply did not have time. Then I wanted to expand my target audience and decided to redesign my model so that athletes could have the alternative of hydrating with pure water and in turn could prepare their protein powder after finishing their routine, since according to experts it is necessary for them to consume their protein so soon finish exercising.
All this led me to design the Thermoshake, a “tomatodo” as we call it in my country.

  • Back side
    Back side
    In this image, we can appreciate the two "Thermoshake" compartments that will contain the powdered drinks of the user's preference.Side-view
    In this image we can appreciate that the "Thermoshake" has a dividing structure that will divide the total storage in two and in this way it will be possible to reserve part of the water in the second compartment in case the user needs it to prepare an extra drink. For example, in the case of athletes, some prefer to hydrate first with plain water and then take their protein powder. With this product they could do it.Top view
    Top viewIsometric view
    Isometric viewSpecific measures
    Specific measuresExploded
    ExplodedNumber of pieces and their names
    Number of pieces and their namesStructure B
    Structure BThe utility of the secondary compartment
    The utility of the secondary compartment
    Pulling the structure C will open a space through which the water contained in the secondary compartment will pass to the main compartment so that the user can drink it or prepare an instant drink with it. This structure (C) will be attached to the base of structure B.Preparation of instant drinks
    Preparation of instant drinks
    In this image, we can appreciate that by sliding the compartment area, it will rotate and release part of the content. To release the contents of compartment A, the compartment area would have to be slid to the right, otherwise it must be slid to the left to release the contents of compartment B. In the image the content of compartment A is being released (coffee grains).b-23c5a009
    b-23c5a009User drinking coffee
    User drinking coffee
  • Claribel Huamanchumo Senador
  • Product design: object
  • https://youtu.be/aqwNc9gUMgs
  • The product represented is a thermo for athletes and for those who tend to drink powdered drinks frequently.


Claribel Huamanchumo Senador

Back side Side-view Top view Isometric view Specific measures Exploded Number of pieces and their names Structure B The utility of the secondary compartment Preparation of instant drinks b-23c5a009 User drinking coffee