The Writing desk DRUMM’L

Longlist 2021

About Project

So, the writing desk that I draw and constructed was part of a school examina. I study at träakademien in the north of Sweden. I got one more year to come where I will make my last and ultimate test and put all my energy and thought to one piece of furniture. Of course there will be a small amount of time for other projects as well.

Anyway, I started the drawing process quite some time before I even knew what to built. I draw all the time in order to stay ahead of myself in a sense. And to be able to build up whatever my intentions and inspirations are about. I wanted to build a writing desk for some time and could not really avoid it. So it began.

Once I had an idea of the basics of the desk I started to make a construction blueprint combined with building scaled down prototypes to test the limits of shapes, but also the proportions.

For a long time I had the feeling that I had to create something that contained a organic shape, and also find a way to make the furniture clean and durable. I wanted it to be very well constructed and flawless, but at the same time rough and uncontrolled.

Early in the progress I decided that I wanted to build it in ash wood. Mainly because I really enjoy working in ash, it really test the limits of machine and patience. Because it’s a hard wood and it’s very tender it would also suit my kind of provoking construction.

I wanted the desk to be floating or flying for that matter, between the legs where it also rests. In order to make the joints durable I really believe in choosing the most suiting materials, in this case ash.

After a long and hard process it stood finished. Some details that really brings out the organic shapes are the shape of the legs and the joints of the legs and the crossbars.
Though most is the handmade shapes of the drawer fronts.

The details with brass, key and keyhole are a perfect match with the ash. Almost blend in but still give the shining touch and feeling of exclusiveness.

And for the last and perhaps my favourite detail. The keyhole in brass that I’ve filed down in order for it to follow the streamline in the front drawers.

I really think I succeeded with my vision and found a perfect match of the clean and pure desk combined with the wild and provoking details.

-Samuel Bång

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  • Samuel Bång
  • Koltrast woodworking
  • Furniture design: series
  • A writing desk called DRUMM'L.
    Made out of a vision about a clean and durable furniture with a wild and uncontrolled side. Organic shapes meets perfection in construction and the choice of materials.

    Fully made out of Ash wood. Details in brass and walnut.


Samuel Bång


Koltrast woodworking

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