The Monolith; Anti-Bac Bollard Lighting

Longlist 2021

About Project

We learnt a lot after the Covid-19 disaster; we realized that we should always be ready for any kind of disasters like this to protect our people and our cities; but maybe now it’s the time for the cities to protect us in a way that a permanent protection would be in place; The Monolith Bollard is an outdoor lighting system that is able to emit anti-bacterial rays to purifies the entire surroundings of any kind of virus and bacteria and it helps us to achieve such an important goal.

  • Feeel Design Award (1)-9f1484ff
    Feeel Design Award (1)-9f1484ff
    IntroductionFeeel Design Award (2)-e06d1c33
    Feeel Design Award (2)-e06d1c33
    DefinitionFeeel Design Award (3)-5dea8822
    Feeel Design Award (3)-5dea8822
    InspirationFeeel Design Award (4)-32142408
    Feeel Design Award (4)-32142408
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  • Arsalan Aboomohsenpour (Individual)
  • Product design: light | Product design: park and garden
  • At the dawn of the pandemic, as designer i felt like i can do something about this kind of issues in the future; so i started to spread my sketches on the paper and thinking about the modern ways of purifying and disinfection.
    the source of the inspiration was the monolith phenomenon; after that phenomenon, one of the main techniques that i used to develop the idea was the "SCAMPER" which is one of the most used techniques in the industrial design. the research for this project was pretty hard to take and time consuming as well; because it was only my second experiment in lighting design and i'v had to study and research as much as i can so that the project goes in the right direction. i started to case study and checked every single one of the lighting brands that provide bollard as well such as (Targetti, Vibia, Foscarini and...). the next part was the electrical/technical issues that i had to face during the research and design process, because in my country i cannot found the specific LED's or diodes that i wanted for this project and the sources for research were too technical to take, but i spoke to some of the specialist that i've known from university and they've helped me to figure out about the ways of manufacturing this type of LED's.


Arsalan Aboomohsenpour (Individual)

Feeel Design Award (1)-9f1484ff Feeel Design Award (2)-e06d1c33 Feeel Design Award (3)-5dea8822 Feeel Design Award (4)-32142408