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The Momentum Agile Desk (MAD) Objectives

• Space on demand

Nowadays impossible to neglect, the optimal use of space is one of the most critical variables when designing and employing space in urban centers. From our offices to our homes and schools, every empty space is potentially a life-changing wrapping gift room.

• Mobility

Wireless technologies, home & coffee shop workers, entrepreneurship, remote degrees, it is clear today that our mobility keeps on increasing, it helps us adapt to the ever-changing conditions technological advancements bring us. We are no longer bound by cables, walls, or our cozy mom’s basements.

• Speed

Much like space continues to shrink, the efficient use of time has never been more critical. As clerical tasks progressively shift towards AI supremacy and Santa forfeits to Amazon Prime, the appreciation of speed is high up in our priorities.

• Simplicity

Sophisticated hydraulic and electronic systems are certainly cool to have, but they come with a heavy markup and as any complex mechanic component, subject to failure. Warranties are great, but like a flat on the highway, these are rarely welcomed events.

• Durability

Fables of products made in the 50s speak of legendary craftmanship and quality materials. In line with a true sustainable economy, the scope of product design comprises now the full lifecycle of the product. It is no longer a strong argument for high-quality products responsibly made, but one of our truest obligations.

• Scalability

When a product is designed for ultimate mobility it must be primarily driven by user response, maximizing usage routes or contingencies. A user must adapt the working conditions as work objectives evolve.

• Style

From early stages of the design process, the key intent was to break the traditional perpendicular line of a traditional desk. Like a mantis, absolute silence at rest but infallible when deployed.


• 3/16” Laser cut powder-coated Aluminium frame
• Engineered ¾” wooden countertop
• Simple 30-second release mechanism for quick deployment and storage
• Aviation-grade hardware all around
• Three (3) inches caoutchouc wheels for quick transport
• Available plugins and accessories:
o Standing desk features
o Portable chair
o Portable battery packs
o Collapsible lamp
o Multiple screen support

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  • Alberto Palomino
  • Light2matter
  • Furniture design: series
  • The Momentum Agile Desk (The Mad for friends & fam) Raison d'etre

    At the crossroads of style & space optimization, inside these crazy days where work & life dance obscenely close and yet, we must keep our distance… precisely when we need it the most, here is the Momentum Agile Desk.

    A foldable, space-savvy & swaggerish design with a generous working surface, the Momentum Agile Desk is ready to roll wherever and whenever. From your studio to the nearby park and well through the living room; the new black is ultimate flexibility.

    Laser-cut aluminium frame, aviation-grade hardware, a pair of cool wheels and one sturdy top made with engineered wood converge into quite an aggressive design. Patient when folded, but ready to rear when at play.

    Just below the 40 pounds mark, the Momentum Agile Desk offers a range of accessories like a standing desk option, a portable chair add-on or a portable battery to charge your electronics. The race for absolute mobility just begun.


Alberto Palomino



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