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Following years of recurring tendon and ligament injuries with atypically long healing periods, despite Allison’s dedication to physical therapy, she was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Though a daunting task–to retrain the body out of a hyper-flexed neutral state as a tricenarian–she persevered with lots of professional support.

After an extended period of twice-a-week, private Pilates sessions, once a week PT visits, and all the reinforcement training in between, she began to regain strength and awaken the disengaged core, glute, and back muscles that lighten the load of the joints in distress. Meanwhile, her living space was beginning to look like a gymnasium with all the exercise props she’d acquired and her daily training regimen was consuming quite a bit of her time.

Fascinated by the apparatus designs of Joseph Pilates, she began to evolve a concept for a single piece of furniture that could support all her needs in one–an adult jungle gym that that reinforced her training, encouraged stretching, and was dynamic within her interior space.

The idea for The Engager was born.


Reformation requires repetition when retraining our body or mind to improve an overall state of wellness. They often work in tandem. Repetition requires time though, something most of us have little to spare during the age of instant gratification.

We hope for our doctors to prescribe the magic pill or recommend a single, life-changing chiropractic alignment. While those things can expedite our healing process or provide temporary comfort, they are not always long-term solutions. The long game is often time-consuming and challenging and it’s easy to fall off the good-habit-building wagon when time is not on our side.

Packed meeting schedule? Juggling kids and a career? Imagine we could seamlessly integrate our preventative health practices into daily life and maximize even the most incremental pockets of time. Take a few deep breaths into your spine before the next Zoom call. Do side stretches on the barrel while the kids watch the latest Pixar film for the tenth time. Activate the glutes while in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or at the airport. Could the common sofa be reimagined to provide the assist needed to stay committed on our self-improvement journeys amidst all the hubbub of modern life?

Inspired by Joseph Pilates’ Contrology method and apparatus designs, The Engager helps us to reinforce the muscular isolations and strength training we’ve done in our classes or with our physical therapists and other professional healers of the body and mind. Personalize this multifunctional, adaptable piece to morph with your interior layout and encourage a more natural, seamless transition between relaxation, self-care and our daily activities.

So take those Therabands off the doorknobs and dial down the Netflix-binge guilt (slightly) because this classy adult jungle gym invites you to engage with your body and your surroundings.

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  • Allison Carroll
  • A. Carroll Design Solutions
  • Furniture: chill & relax
  • THE ENGAGER is a a multifunctional sofa for your home, office, or meditation room designed to encourage you to ENGAGE with your body and your environment.


Allison Carroll


A. Carroll Design Solutions

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