About Project

The idea of ​​a chair taken from an Iranian instrument (tanbor)
A very traditional instrument.
We tried to use the Iranian instrument (Tanbor) to observe the culture of a nation in the world
And put the culture of the past in modern architecture.
To show the relax sound of an instrument, we tried to use curved lines in the design of the chair.
This chair is made of walnut wood due to its curved shape.
Very light weight and a variety of colors to suit the environment are the features of this chair. Most importantly, you can rest for hours without getting tired. This chair is a symbol of a national instrument.

Height = 200
Width = 90
Depth = 80

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  • Furniture: collection
  • The chair design is inspired by an Iranian musical instrument.
    And tried to pay attention to aesthetics and individual needs and introduce the culture and music of one country to other nations.
    This chair is very light weight. The seat is very comfortable and you can rest in it for hours without getting tired.
    Technical Specifications
    Body = walnut wood.
    Base = of golden metal
    Chair floor cover = fabric
    Color = brown
    Height = 200
    Width = 90
    Depth = 80

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