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About Project

The history of the TAKAVA brand began with the owners’ desire to create a cafe where residents and tourists could try different coffee drinks as in the Crimean Tatarian tradition and, at the same time, a modern and bright place.

At this point, they asked help from the famous Ukrainian designers of the studio YUDIN Design who quickly found the name and then developed different types of logos in which the letter A is reproduced as a traditional pot for preparing coffee. The cezve, the traditional Turkish coffee maker, also formed the basis of other designers’ decisions regarding the interiors: rough and “toasted” textures, caramel nuances and notes of bitter but velvety coffee.

The new bar surprises with its harmonious architectural organization and a mix of styles: industrial in modern design; loft in open ventilation paths, the raw concrete ceiling decorated with micro-cement walls; minimalist in furnishing.
Modern tubular LED lamps illuminate supports and partitions with total and partial light, producing the effect of the color that flows into the institution.

The tubular partitions make this place delicate and divide it into different areas: You can sit at the bar, at one of the long tables or in a more secluded area, without feeling closed in any of the rooms.
Another advantage: the designers have provided several points for charging smartphones and other devices.

At TAKAVA 2.0, the lighting consists of the Copper Cezve reminiscent of the traditional Turkish coffeepot and the Chemex glass suspension, transformed into a lamp by the designers of YUDIN Design.

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    Backlit modern bar area.2-18b8e921
    Trendy metropolitan lounge.3-a40a90b0
    The logo symbolizes the cezve, the traditional Turkish coffeepot.6-338df05c
    All furniture, tables and cezve lamps were realized by the studio YUDIN Design7-f34dedc3
    The bar area is covered with light wood panels and is illuminated by modern tubular LED lamps.10-3728640a
    The designers used a loft-style for the concrete ceilings, the micro cement walls and the open ventilation paths. 11-ac3ed6fc
    The stylish high bar stools were ordered by the Brothers Yudin in another famous design office under the name of ODESD2.14-be53bd80
    The designers' conception of "open spaces" where guests actually never feel closed but are involved in the general atmosphere of the place. 15-5e1dab2e
    Wooden niches illuminated by modern LED installations and decorated with velvety panels realized by YUDIN Design studio.16-f7be4bf1
    The Chemex glass suspension transformed into an elegant lamp.17-e28b7e64
    The designers' conception, the logo and the entire decor of TAKAVA 2.0 revolve around the traditional Turkish coffee pot, the cezve.
  • Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin
  • YUDIN Design
  • Interior design: Art & Crafts projects
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6ZQmmXUFdc&t=2s
  • TAKAVA 2.0 is the development of the concept of the already famous TAKAVA Coffee-Buffet, located in the center of Kyiv. The surprising new institution has a larger area and even a more central location - Besarabsky market.
    TAKAVA 2.0 is a cafe-bar and a trendy metro lounge - two in one!

    The dynamic and modern interiors of TAKAVA 2.0 will surely make you think of coffee.
    TAKAVA 2.0 is a cosmopolitan and free location, where you can organize a private or business dinner, attend an event, enjoying the most original coffee of Ukraine.


Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin


YUDIN Design

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