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Our family always had difficulties seeing the clock from the dining room and at least there was one person who was not able to see the clock during the day. And this is the reason why we decided to design a clock that can be attached to the ceiling.
Project Description:
Sun was the first light source in human’s life and science developments led to the invention of other sources of light like lamps. In the old days, mankind was looking for the best way to determine the time, and using the location of the sun in the sky was one of the most practical ways. Therefore, mankind came up with the invention of solar clock which is still an accurate way of knowing time.
The concept of this lamp came from the idea of the sun and the solar clock.
The chandelier is usually the central light source in a house and so we combined this idea with a clock to increase the efficiency. Suntock aims to do the same as the sun that both illuminates our houses and shows the time to us, but on a smaller scale (35 cm radios).
Using a motor (in the center of the clock) which is chargeable with the surrounding’s light and using cellulose sheets in the main body makes Suntock an environment-friendly object.
There is not a place for the traditional clock hands in Suntock instead, a red triangle shows the exact time with hours and minutes. In other words, the distance between 2 respective numbers on the clock is divided into 2 parts with a line in the middle of them that shows half an hour.

Team members:

Pazhoohan Parastar – Danial Ghelichpour
The initial idea of this product is for Pazhoohan Parastar and was co-designed with Danial Ghelichpour
All the renders and animation were done by Danial Ghelichpour

  • Suntock 01-a1a010fe
    Suntock 01-a1a010feSuntock 02-1a6ff17f
    Suntock 02-1a6ff17fSuntock 03-53cc3db3
    Suntock 03-53cc3db3
  • Pazhoohan Parastar - Danial Ghelichpour
  • Product design: light | Product design: object | Eco project
  • https://youtu.be/hQYOJMvxVo4
  • The sun is in the room brightening and showing the time, it is Suntock.


Pazhoohan Parastar - Danial Ghelichpour

Suntock 01-a1a010fe Suntock 02-1a6ff17f Suntock 03-53cc3db3