About Project

Stringo, which means star in Latin, is a stainless steel design module that can be placed both in interior and exterior. Its implementation is focused on simple design, low maintenance, which is ensured by stainless steel material. The innovation has also been confirmed by the EU Industrial Property Office. It has undergone production using CNC technology and it is ready for individual as well as serial production. It is made of a material that does not need any surface treatment and at the same time, creates elegant and clean lines. STRINGO can also be ecological, it can be used as vertical garden, as well as an interactive element for raising children and for promoting corporate identity. The client can be co-creator of design, and we will fulfill every idea. The feeling of joy and satisfaction has a character where the client has the opportunity to materialize the emotion. It adds beauty to the environment, motivates, educates you with your own emotions – this is STRINGO!

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  • Milan Šooš, Sebastian Šooš
  • SK-EM j.s.a.
  • Archiproducts: partitions and screens | Product design: object | Product design: park and garden
  • http://www.stringo.eu
  • STRINGO, originally Latin "star", is stainless steel design module, placed to both exterior and interior. Its benefit is elegant appearance, simple maintenance without surface changes secured by stainless steel material. Office of industrial ownership in EU confirmed its innovation. It was manufactured by using CNC technology and is ready for individual or mass production. Module can be used also as green wall, interactive element for childrens education. Client can be author of motives, define their timeliness. It brings beauty to interior, motivates, educates you by your own emotion.


Milan Šooš, Sebastian Šooš


SK-EM j.s.a.

clear-07e27197 art in progress-62ccd37b cover art-7c103abf art front-f948cdbe landscape-6173d1ca lava-68160695 christmas-91c5e95c stringo day-5b04cb4c stringo night-7a81e3bf ludrova part-75e17ffc ludrova-9fe3bd7c vertical garden-11489c23 gorge-f974ec71 golden rain-92786657 hotel room-5b067f78 living room-c6658252 terrace ludrova-bf4a6fb1 terrace-3fc841b9