stairs 2

About Project

Stairs 2 is a console buffet design . The main idea inspired by the form of the stairs , with study on beautiful form of ancient building and combine that with function of console , any qube box have a Drawing for itself and the idea of ​​the whole except that it expresses an attractive minimalist modern combination of geometric form and harmony . The structure is made of wood .

  • console 47-5af4fc8e
    console 47-5af4fc8econsole 46-a62170ed
    console 46-a62170edconsole 48-f7bb32c2
    console 48-f7bb32c2console 52-3914ff73
    console 52-3914ff73console 49-b820e0b3
    console 49-b820e0b3console 51-61ded23d
    console 51-61ded23dconsole 50-28813170
    console 50-28813170
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



console 47-5af4fc8e console 46-a62170ed console 48-f7bb32c2 console 52-3914ff73 console 49-b820e0b3 console 51-61ded23d console 50-28813170